Cloud Services
Cloud Services

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The challenge:

Cloud Computing occupies more and more companies of all industries. Therefore you need to discuss diverse security aspects, since this technology does not only concern valuable information about your company but also the handling of data containing protectable rights belonging to your clients and business partners.

All questions and answers Cloud Computing raises and demands should face your enterprise by creating and applying a security concept customized to own circumstances and aims. Therefore the inner and outer interests as specific threats but also various laws have to be considered. As guideline we recommend the following questions:

  • In which country your data is saved and to which data protection law are they subject to?
  • Which organizational, technical and legal requirements are to be followed internal and external?
  • Who controls which applications, structures and precautions, who carries the responsibility?
  • How is it ensured that the data is exclusively at the disposal of the person, who has the permission and the instruction to use it wisely?
  • How is it ensured that the data will be deleted safely and completely as required?

Our services:

XELANED helps you with project-based experiences at

  • Development, establishment and application of cloud services concepts
  • Process conception
  • Business environment creation based on latest technologies

For you we combine our technical, organizational and project-based specialist knowledge and design processes and arrangements, which conform to your expectations and meet your requirements.

Whether large corporation or small to medium sized companies – your enterprise can count on the knowhow of XELANED concerning all aspects, from development to a safe operation of a personal cloud.