Security Services
Security Services

The most important thing – your data

Access protection to sensitive data is a very important component for achieving strategic aims in your company. XELANED helps you to ensure that exclusively right people at the right time get right access data to right information.

The challenge:

Technological changes – especially mobile work and data transfer to the cloud – as well as progressive digitalization of data require new and modified IT security strategies. Extensive technical and organizational solutions which provide optimal protection against many risks cost-effectively and could be handed over to professional service providers are demanded.

Our services

  • Evaluation and implementation of a wide-ranging information security management system for covering compliance requirements and safeguarding the competitiveness

  • Identity & access management integration

  • Clear understanding of threats within the company from top management to personnel

XELANED develops security models for the complete IT life cycle including analysis, development, conception, implementation and monitoring and offers services as comprehensive authorization concepts, firewall concepts or network penetration testing.

Thereby we proceed in the following three steps:

1.       Identify

Identification of potential or real attacks and the reaction to them, sharing comprehension about IT risks for the company as well as involved risks and weak vulnerabilities.

2.       Optimize

Support at the IT security development by using qualified personnel, organization structures and technologies.

3.       Operate

Support at the security maintenance during current business.